– II International encounter of photography collectives – NEXT EDITION 16th January. Milan (Italy) at Micamara bookshop

Verso (Russia)


Verso, founded 2009, is a Russian collective of the four emerging documentary photographers, concentrated on making stories on social changes, Maria Morina, Olga Kravets, Oksana Yushko, and Alexander Sedelnikov. Three of five photographers of the collective, Maria Morina, Olga Kravets, and Oksana Yushko, have been working on a joint project Grozny: Nine Cities for three years. What we wanted to achieve working together was not a pile of several photo essays, we wanted to make a photo novel in a way – where all the stories are connected – something bigger than the sum of their parts.

Grozny- Marina Morina

Grozny- Marina Morina

Alexander Sedelnikov

Alexander Sedelnikov

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