– II International encounter of photography collectives – NEXT EDITION 16th January. Milan (Italy) at Micamara bookshop


While the world of photography appears to be in a moment of deep changings and new challenges, many photographers around the world started to organize themselves in Photo Collectives. We invited some of them to introduce themsleves to the italian public, and the result is a heterogeneous and enriching message.

After a private meeting that will take place in the afternoon between italian collectives, some of them newborn while some of them fully established, you are welcome to the screening featuring both italian and international collectives.

The screening means to be part of a broader cycle of meetings around Europe in partnership with IC Visual Labs, which started it in Bristol.

The day will include two events:

At 16:00, a private meeting of the italian collectives: ASA CUBECESURALABCOLLETTIVO FOTOSOCIALMICRO and TERRA PROJECT.

At 19:00 open evening.
Projection of all projects sent by the national and international collectives and distribution of information material – a good opportunity to understand who they are, what they do and how they work.
The participating collectives are: IC-Visual Lab (UK) , RAWIYA (Lebanon)VERSO (Russia)CARAVANE (Belgium)HOMELANDS (UK)ESSENCI’ELLES (France)SNOOT (Spain)KAMERADES (Serbia), ASA CUBE (Italy), CESURALAB (Italy), COLLETTIVO FOTOSOCIAL (Italy), MICRO (Italy) and TERRA PROJECT (Italy).

The event has been organized by Micro in partnership with IC-Visual Lab International Network with the collaboration of MiCamera.

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