– II International encounter of photography collectives – NEXT EDITION 16th January. Milan (Italy) at Micamara bookshop


logo_collettivo fotosocial

[..]We decide to amplify stories, to keep telling what we heard in our travels trough the photo images, to tell everybody what lies beyond their gardens, over the hedge.

We, of collettivo fotosocial, firmly belive that if a photo can speak, if it can denunce an injustice, if it can reveal traditions or cultures, if it can awake the consciousness through a simple images of everyday life even in a difficult situations, then we can call it social. A photo-social!

We could not tell the entire story, but what we have been able to see and hear. We want to do this because we have learned to walk across cultures and populations without fear, without prejudice.

Massimo Branca

Massimo Branca

Spreca Maraton

Spreca Maraton

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